Cristy Schlientz

Founder of Innovative Teaching Systems

Cristy Schlientz started working with the Teaching-Family Model in 1977 at Father Flanagan’s Boys Town, Boys Town, NE. Boys Town was the first residential institution to implement the Teaching-Family Model. Cristy was working with the model during its developmental process. Since the model was new to campus settings, many of the Teaching-Family Association Founding Fathers worked at Boys Town during this same time to help implement the Teaching-Family Model. Because of this, Cristy worked directly with the Founding Fathers and was able to learn the model starting with the early implementation days.

During her tenure, Cristy has held many positions within the model which include:

  • Family Teacher, Foster Parent, Assistant Director of Community Two, Boys Town, NE
  • Site Developer at Father Flanagan’s Boys Home, Boys Town, NE
  • Director of Training and Evaluation and Executive Director at Teaching-Family Homes of Upper Michigan
  • Director of Site Development at Methodist Home for Children in Raleigh, North Carolina
  • President of Innovative Teaching Systems, Lexington, NE

Cristy has a Masters Degree in Human Development and the Family, University of Kansas, with an emphasis on Teaching-Family Model implementation. She has been a member of the Teaching-Family Association since 1979. She currently serves on the TFA Board of Directors, is seated as the Individual Developer Representative on the Certification Committee, is a Past President of the Teaching-Family Association, and received the prestigious Montrose Wolf Award for outstanding contributions to the Teaching-Family Model in 1994.

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Robert S. “Bud” Milner

President of Human Services Consultation

Robert Milner, President of Human Services Consultation, started working in the Teaching Family Model in1981 as a Teaching Parent at the Institute for Behavioral Resources in Washington DC. This was the first urban Teaching Family Model site and was sponsored by Father Flanagan’s Boys Home, Boys Town, NE.

During his tenure with the Teaching Family Model; he has held many positions which include:

  • Certified Teaching Parent, Institute for Behavior Resources, Washington D.C.
  • Coordinator of Consultation Services and Director of Foster Care Services at Methodist Home for Children, Raleigh, NC
  • Regional Director at Atlantic Behavior Health Systems, Raleigh, NC
  • Out of Home Services Director, Human & Environmental Resources Director, VP of Operational Systems, Site Director, and Interim President/CEO, Adriel School in West Liberty OH

Bud has a Masters Degree in Child and Youth Care Administration, Nova Southeastern University. He is currently serving his second term as President of the Teaching Family Association. Bud received the prestigious Montrose Wolf Award for outstanding contributions to the Teaching Family Model in 2005. Bud is a proven administrator in the child welfare field with demonstrated leadership in implementation of the Teaching Family Model. His primary strengths are organizational and fiscal management, administrative and agency oversight, and quality assurance through outcome and process evaluation.