Welcome to the Innovative Teaching Systems Storefront. We wanted to provide a way for those of you who are certified on the Teaching-Family Model, and for those of you who are considering implementing the Teaching-Family Model, to obtain various training modules, handouts, evaluation forms, and much more.

These materials provide the core Teaching-Family Model curriculums of:

  1. Pre-service Workshop training needed to fully train the Teaching Parents (Practitioner) in the model
  2. Train the Trainer Workshop to prepare supervisory staff to produce the Pre-Service Workshop
  3. Consultation Workshop to prepare supervisors/consultants to work with the Teaching Parents as they implement the model
  4. Evaluation Workshop to teach staff how to evaluate and eventually certify Teaching Parents.

The remaining modules are In-Service training modules, as well as, specific tools designed to assist the Teaching Parents and Consultants as they implement the model at your agency. These materials will provide you with a complete Teaching-Family Model curriculum, which will assure the model is implemented with fidelity. The forms and tools are great for your Teaching Parents and consultants as they clearly spell out expectations and strategies for all staff members and helps set them up for success. Doing it right from the start saves your agency time and money, as well as, energizes your staff during the implementation process.

Below are all of the documents available for purchase. Each can be tailored to your company as we will insert your company name and logo prior to making the document available to you.

Module Catalog