The Train-the-Trainer Workshop is designed for Teaching Parent Supervisors or “Program Consultants”, hired by program administration, to ensure that Teaching Parents (and other direct care workers and practitioners) are properly implementing the Pre-Service Workshop curriculum.

In order for the quality standards and professional behaviors that make up the Teaching-Family Model to be effectively taught to Practitioners, staff and agency administrators must first be trained properly, which is where the Train-the-Trainer Workshop comes in.

Due to the fact that the Pre-Service Workshop is the Practitioner’s first experience with the Teaching-Family Model, it’s critical that staff and agency administrators know the Model very well.

Teaching-Family Model trainers must be committed to making the Pre-service Workshop experience a positive, comfortable, and reinforcing event for each participant. They get their introduction to the Model at this time and these first impressions will influence their level of receptivity and long term commitment to implement the program with fidelity.

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Train-the-Trainer Workshop Philosophies

Provide agencies with…

  1. Trained trainers
  2. Practitioner training schedule
  3. A commitment from trainers to assure Pre-Service training prior to placing a practitioner in a program
  4. Trainers’ pledge to create a positive experience for trainees
  5. Commitment to the development and maintenance of an effective training system
  6. On-going measurement to ensure workshop effectiveness
  7. Professionalism from both trainers and trainees

For more information about the Train-the-Trainer Workshop, please contact Innovative Teaching Systems.

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