The Evaluation workshop is the quality assurance component of the Teaching-Family Model. The evaluation component is integrated with, and complementary to, training, consultation, and administration.

Evaluations are conducted for Practitioners (Teaching Parents & Foster Parents) annually to assure that the program is fully implemented and effective. To purchase Evaluation workshop materials for Teaching Parent evaluations, please purchase Evaluation Workshop materials.

The Evaluation workshop is on-going throughout the certification process. Teaching Parents (and other direct care workers and practitioners) are first evaluated at 6 months to see if they’ve properly implemented the Pre-Service Curriculum. Anything that needs improvement is addressed at this point. At 1 year, Teaching Parents are evaluated again and can become certified at this point.

Certification evaluations for Teaching Parents are on-going and occur annually for all Practitioners. Evaluations are outcome-oriented and strengths-based, in that the data collected helps to measure youth progress towards treatment goals and discharge plan, while observations help to recognize specific Practitioner techniques that build on youth’s strengths/protective factors.

The organization also has a comprehensive certification to achieve Teaching-Family Association Site certification. This only occurs once all of the model components of training, consultation, evaluation and administration are fully implemented with fidelity. The standards for certification are available through the Teaching-Family Association web site.

Evaluation Workshop Goals

  1. Youth protection
  2. Practitioner (Teaching Parents) growth and development
  3. Program and agency development
  4. Full integration of services so that the agency can become self-sustaining on the Teaching-Family Model

For more information about the Evaluation Workshop, please contact Innovative Teaching Solutions.