The role of the “individual developer”, endorsed by the Teaching-Family Association, is to assist human service agencies in the development and implementation of the Teaching-Family Model. The TFA sanctioned the “individual developer” role for site development at their 2010 Board of Directors’ Meeting and seated Cristy Schlientz, Founder of Innovative Teaching Systems, as the first individual member of the TFA Certification Committee in this category.

As an Individual Developer, Cristy Schlientz can help your agency customize, develop, and implement the Teaching-Family Model for your facility and assist you in achieving Teaching-Family Model certification by the Teaching-Family Association. Facilities that would benefit from implementing the Teaching-Family Model are human services agencies caring for children placed out of the home.

Through Innovative Teaching Systems, Cristy offers training for practitioners, skill development for supervisors, evaluations, outcome measurements, and administrative consultation. In addition to out-of-home placements, Individual Developers can implement the model in agencies that provide home-based services; alternative schools, detention facilities, adult facilities, and psychiatric hospitals.

Here at Innovative Teaching Systems, we understand how the current economic situation is affecting our clients. Based on a need that we are seeing in the marketplace, we want to let everyone know that with Innovative Teaching Systems, you also have the ability to contract with us for interim services if staff turnover occurs PLUS contract out specific program components (i.e. contract out all evaluation services OR contract out all training services). The only services that cannot be contracted out to ITS are the Consultation services. In this economy it is sometimes more economical for sites to contract out services rather than hiring a “Director of Evaluation” or “Director of Training” depending on the size of the agency. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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