When it comes to helping youth overcome their challenges and become a productive part of society, theTeaching-Family Model is extremely effective. With that said, any effective teaching system must have a program component designed to evaluate the implementation of the model. Within the Teaching-Family Model the Evaluation Workshop is designed to ensure that organizations are properly implementing the Teaching-Family Model.

Evaluation Workshop

Certify in the Teaching Family ModelThe Evaluation Workshop is designed to be the quality assurance component of the Teaching-Family Model. The Evaluation Workshop:

  • Ensures services and treatment are appropriate for individual youth needs and goals
  • Measures progress towards individual youth goals and discharge plan
  • Ensures appropriate treatment practices and program systems to facilitate the achievement of the individual youth goals
  • Values evaluation training as critical to ensure that evaluators are properly prepared to accurately assess program quality

In order to properly evaluate how well the implementation of the Teaching-Family Model is going, data and feedback are collected. The data collected is a measurement of client progress towards achievement of treatment goals. Proper evaluation helps to promote Practitioner professional growth and development while also providing a mechanism for program and agency development.

Evaluations are outcome oriented and strengths-based. Data and observations reflect specific Teaching Parent techniques used to build on youth’s strengths and providing protective factors. Evaluation results represent the Teaching Parent’s success in effectively implementing the Teaching Family Model, identify and reinforce Teaching Parent strengths and to help youths meet their treatment goals, and provide realistic and helpful guidance for further Teaching Parent development.

Without the Evaluation Workshop the other components of the Teaching-Family Model cannot be effective. When becoming certified in the Teaching-Family Model Individual Developers like Innovative Teaching Systems can help execute the Evaluation Workshop so that Agencies who are implementing the Teaching-Family Model can feel confident that they are doing so correctly.