Teaching-Family Model

29Sep, 2012

Foster Care Training Materials

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Caring for foster children takes a special kind of person. Foster Parents and Foster Care Staff take on the huge responsibility of caring for children who are in need of role models, parents, teachers, and just a stable presence in their lives. That said, just because you have a huge heart and love what you […]

25Feb, 2012

A Practical Approach for Teaching Personal and Family Values to Children

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One of the greatest gifts you can give a child is a chance to learn and practice strong personal and family values. Last April we wrote about the importance of helping children learn values. Many of us understand that it’s critical that we help our children learn values from an early age. One thing we […]

28Jan, 2012

The Importance of Implementation of Evidence-Based Programs

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Many behavioral health organizations, like youth care agencies, have read the research on evidenced-based programs and understand the many benefits these practices and programs offer individuals under their care. With that said, the implementation of evidenced-based programs hasn’t caught up to the science. Many local agencies have a difficult time fully implementing an evidenced-based program. […]

5Dec, 2011

Teaching Family Model Site Developement Process – Part 1

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As you may know, Cristy Schlientz, founder of Innovative Teaching Systems, is an Individual Developer for the Teaching Family Model. One of the few people around the globe who is certified by the Teaching Family Association to train and certify youth agencies in the Teaching Family Model. When we start the site development process at […]

11Nov, 2011

SODAS Method Helps Youth Solve Problems

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Youths today are constantly faced with situations that can either get them into trouble or keep them out of trouble. Some youths are lacking the necessary skills to making the right decision when faced with these situations. The good thing is that many of these youths are not “bad kids”, rather they have never been […]

26Oct, 2011

Timeline for Implementing the Teaching-Family Model

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One of the first questions that sites looking to implement the Teaching-Family Model ask is, ‘how long does it take to implement the model?’. Full implementation of the Teaching-Family Model usually takes approximately three to five years. Once implemented the model provides a balanced practitioner-based program that is also strengths-based and outcomes-oriented. This model has […]

12Sep, 2011

Evaluation Is a Key Component for Successfully Implementing the Teaching-Family Model

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When it comes to helping youth overcome their challenges and become a productive part of society, theTeaching-Family Model is extremely effective. With that said, any effective teaching system must have a program component designed to evaluate the implementation of the model. Within the Teaching-Family Model the Evaluation Workshop is designed to ensure that organizations are […]

1Aug, 2011

Receive Help Implementing the Teaching-Family Model

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For anyone considering implementing the Teaching-Family Model, do not be overwhelmed with the different workshops and all that there is to learn. Why? Because as part of the Consultation Workshop we offer a Consultant who works with Teaching Parents in order to help them implement the Pre-Service Workshop training with their youth. The Teaching-Family Model […]

11Jul, 2011

Foster Parents Use the Teaching-Family Model

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Foster Parents can use the Teaching-Family Model to improve the level of care for their foster children. The Teaching-Family Model provides family-centered services to foster parents. Foster Parents can get help implementing the Pre-Service workshop by working with a Case Manager. The goal is to set clear expectations for the types and frequency of services […]

24Jun, 2011

Parents Play a BIG Role in Helping Troubled Youth

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When using the Teaching Family Model to help with youth development it’s critical to understand the role that parents play in the process. All sites certified in the Teaching Family Model should do all that they can to promote parent involvement in the youth development process. Teaching Parents are the key players in getting parents […]