Foster Parents can use the Teaching-Family Model to improve the level of care for their foster children. The Teaching-Family Model provides family-centered services to foster parents. Foster Parents can get help implementing the Pre-Service workshop by working with a Case Manager. The goal is to set clear expectations for the types and frequency of services the agency delivers to the foster home.  Some of the services provided will assist the foster parent in developing new skills that will benefit them as they work with their foster child(ren).  The primary roles of the case manager will be to assure quality services to the foster child.  In order to accomplish this goal, services are expanded to also emphasize quality services and professional development for the foster parents.

Case Managers will visit the foster home at least twice per month, or as needed, and provide feedback to foster parents. Together the Case Manager and Foster Parents will set up goals for both the Foster Parents and their Foster Child(ren). The Case Manager will work with both the Foster Parents and the Foster Child(ren), helping them to meet their objectives. Case Managers can help in the following ways:

  • Help to develop individual plans for the foster child
  • Design systems to motivate the foster child
  • Assist foster parent as they perform administrative work
  • Help foster parents develop relationships with foster child’s family
  • Help foster parents develop communication with the child’s teachers
  • Coordinate work with other agency staff

Case Managers will let foster parents proceed with their normal activities while the Case Manager observes foster parents working with the foster child. Case Managers may briefly provide therapy for the child and they will provide verbal and written feedback for foster parents. Having a Case Manager work with you as you implement the Teaching-Family Model at your Foster Home helps make the model that much more effective. If you are looking for a Case Manager to help you implement the Teaching-Family Model at your Foster Home, Innovative Teaching Systems can help. Contact us anytime and someone will get back with you OR you can even sign-up for our Free On-Site Assessment by providing us with your email address. We look forward to hearing from you.