One of the first questions that sites looking to implement the Teaching-Family Model ask is, ‘how long does it take to implement the model?’. Full implementation of the Teaching-Family Model usually takes approximately three to five years. Once implemented the model provides a balanced practitioner-based program that is also strengths-based and outcomes-oriented. This model has been proven effective in helping youth learn valuable skills and remediate their problems identified at the time of program admission.

The Teaching-Family Model is an evidence-based program used throughout the country to help youth and their families deal with physically, emotionally, and sexually abused children; delinquent youths, emotionally disturbed, autistic and medically fragile children. The Teaching-Family Model teaches the skills they need to lead a productive and satisfying life. It is one of the only childcare models that is well defined and therefore can be effectively replicated.

Step 1: On-Site Assessment

The on-site assessment allows Innovative Teaching Systems to get to know your facility, your staff, and your children. It helps us learn about your strengths, as well as, understand what specific needs you have, so that we are able to custom tailor the Teaching-Family Model to your needs. The on-site assessment usually last 3-5 days.

Step 2: Pre-Service

need help with troubled youthThe Teaching Parents receive extensive Pre-Service Workshop training as their initial preparation for operation of the program. Usually lasting 5-7 days for residential settings and 3 days for foster care settings. The training covers all of the components of the Teaching-Family Model. The workshop format includes lecture group discussions, learning activities, and role-play sessions to allow the new Teaching Parents to practice the teaching procedures.

Step 3: Consultation

A program consultant, a childcare professional hired by program administration, offers support and assistance to the Teaching Parents. This “consultant” assists the Teaching Parents in full implementation of the Pre-Service Workshop training, provides continuous on-the-job training for Teaching Parents, assures quality intervention services for youths, and provides program supervision. The Consultation workshop usually lasts approximately 3 days, but there are multiple on-site visits whereby a representative from Innovative Teaching Systems works with Supervisors to ensure they are properly supporting the implementation of the Teaching-Family Model by Teaching Parents.

Step 4: Train-the-Trainer

This workshop is for individuals interested in delivering the Pre-Service Workshop Training to Teaching Parents (Practitioner). In order for the quality standards and professional behaviors that make up the Teaching-Family Model to be effectively taught to Practitioners, staff and agency administrators must first be trained properly, which is where the Train-the-Trainer Workshop comes in.

Step 5: Evaluation

The Evaluation Workshop is on-going throughout the certification process. Teaching Parents undergo an extensive evaluation to ensure that they are implementing the Teaching Family Model, as well as, the strategies as defined by the youth’s individual treatment plans. The evaluation process is a means of obtaining feedback concerning the quality, effectiveness, pleasantness, and usefulness of a treatment program. Teaching Parents (and other direct care workers and practitioners) are first evaluated at 6 months to see if they’ve properly implemented the Pre-Service Curriculum. Anything that needs improvement is addressed at this point. At 1 year, Teaching Parents are evaluated again and can become certified at this point.