For anyone considering implementing the Teaching-Family Model, do not be overwhelmed with the different workshops and all that there is to learn. Why? Because as part of the Consultation Workshop we offer a Consultant who works with Teaching Parents in order to help them implement the Pre-Service Workshop training with their youth. The Teaching-Family Model would not be nearly as successful in helping troubled youth become responsible adults if it wasn’t for our consultants working hand-in-hand with Teaching Parents. We will help you break everything down into manageable tasks so that everything is implemented properly.

Goals of the Consultation Workshop

Here’s what the Consultation Workshop will provide:

  • assures that Teaching Parents have the guidance and support to fully implement the  pre-service workshop curriculum with fidelity
  • continuous professional development opportunities by providing in-service training for Teaching Parents
  • quality intervention services for the youth
  • clearly defined accountability for program supervision of Teaching Parents

When implementing the Teaching-Family Model professional consultants will work with Teaching Parents to ensure that each child receives individualized treatment. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach for improving youth behavior. In order for the Teaching-Family Model to work, each child needs to be worked with differently, while still following the overall program guidelines. Also, participation in the Consultation Workshop stresses the participation and involvement of the family in planning and implementing treatment goals as well as arranging frequent home visits when possible. It’s important to involve family in this process as parents play a big role in youth development.

Implementing the Teaching-Family Model at your facility definitely requires dedication on everyone’s part. With that said, you’re not alone in the process. The system has been built for people just like YOU. If you’d like to learn more about receiving help implementing the Teaching-Family Model please sign-up for a free site evaluation or even contact Innovative Teaching Systems to get your questions answered. We are here to help!