One of the most important things you can do for your child, or any child, is to teach them values. Children form some of their most basic beliefs when very young.  They come from each child’s view of four things:

  1. Values Curriculum Teaching Family ModelWhat is important in the family: Determine what your family values are. Start by thinking about how your use your time and money;
  2. The child’s place in the family: Our society has specific roles for the older and younger child in the family as well as different roles for the girl and the boy. What are the roles of each child? Are these the roles the ones you want them to have?
  3. What the parents say and do (modeling): Your children are watching and learning from you.
  4. The style of parenting: The way you parent your child is the way your child will parent his/her children.

Children Learn Values through Parent Modeling

Modeling is the most powerful ways to teach values. If we model our values, our children will be able to observe our behavior without feeling forced to behave the same way.  We may not think our children are absorbing our values because they don’t immediately accept them – there is a time lag.  But when our children get older, they are more likely to adopt many of the values we modeled when they were growing up.

Almost every day something happens that offers you a chance to teach your child about values. By understanding how children form their beliefs you’re empowered to use opportunities each day to instill values in your children. Children pick up certain values during different times in their life. To learn more about using the Teaching-Family Model to help your children learn values, please consider purchasing the Values Curriculumfrom our Training Modules Store.