The Teaching Family Model has traditionally been known for its’ highly structured daily and weekly point systems. This level system has been effective in motivating youth as it was well designed to automatically incorporate all of the learning theory principles if implemented as taught in the Pre-Service Workshop. It was originally designed for residential group homes and has served this purpose very well. But, is it right for all children?

Teaching Family Association Motivation SystemsFamilies seek services for their children to help them learn social, academic, life and coping skills that will enable them to be healthy and contributing members of their family and communities. Those children in care look to the practitioners for the support and guidance needed to achieve their maximum potential. A motivation system helps provide the tools practitioners need to motivate a youth to do his or her best.

Motivation systems occur naturally in the environment to help create desired behaviors in people. For example, money, paychecks, tips, bonuses and sales incentives are a way the business world motivates positive behaviors in employees. Special recognition for outstanding deeds in terms of public presentations and acknowledgement also encourage positive behaviors. Parents who give their children praise for their accomplishments help their children select more appropriate behaviors. These are some of the ways most people learn appropriate and pro-social behaviors.

When these acts do NOT occur within the youth’s normal daily activities, artificial motivation is needed to help individuals find success and happiness. Effective motivation systems will help to increase a youth’s motivation to try new behaviors, change behaviors, or learn new skills. It gives a youth a “jump start” and helps him/her “care” about finding ways to lead a rewarding and meaningful life.

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